4 Layers

Even though it sounds like a cake receipt, no receipts will be given this time. Only advice on how to survive winter. Winter is not my thing, even though my husky enjoys it a lot, I however don’t share the same passion as she does. After a couple of blocks of walking, I’m done, I imagine frostbite and everything starts tumbling with my birthday in September as an logical explanation for everything. It’s not my fault I’m an Indian Summer child. Anyway, this was my first time to walk on a frozen lake, it was new and scary, but I wanted to collect that memory and share it with you. It was a fine morning and 4 layers of clothing saved me from not turning back, as I usually do, so hail to that!

Boots – Office Shoes (Timberland)

Jacket, Denim, Scarf, Sweater and Hat – H&M



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