The Hats

Now I will write about my new fascination, the Hats! I was obsessed with sunglasses, collected them as crazy, wore them everywhere even on cold winter time when the snow was falling, which destroyed my Ray Ban Aviator model by the way, don’t try that. Now I have a beautiful collection of the the trendiest shapes in the last couple of seasons, Nerd, Wayfarer, Round, turtle print, Cat eye you name it. And I really enjoyed it for some time, but then I realize that I need something new and I found it. It all started when I saw that Gucci runway show with those wonderful maroon and green trilby hats. I started appreciating head accessory.
Gucci hat style fw11
Now, I’m not a hat expert, and I’m trying every day to understand the difference between them, and I can’t. And when I finally understand the difference between trilby and fedora I find the model that is crushing my theory so I wont bother with explaining them to you, because I don’t understand them to.
Here are my favorite types of hats.
My favorite Hats
1.As I said it all started with Gucci trilby model and now when I think about it all I can see is beautiful Florence Welch wearing it.
2.As for the fedora I’m just moved by it’s simplicity and coolness. First thing on my mind about this hat is Al Capone, Sinatra, Indiana Jones, Bogart and co. But nowadays there is no woman who can style hat better then Kate Moss, so she is  my hat and denim shorts inspiration.
3. Floppy hats, you just have to imagine beach, cocktails, seagulls and endless blue horizon. But you can also imagine Marylin Monroe or any other diva.
4. Last, but not the least is splendid boater hat. It is the first I purchased this summer. Had to remodel it a little bit to look more like my vision of this hat. And if you are still wondering what is my vision of this hat just go to Venice, look Oscar de la Renta runway or just watch The Great Gatsby and you will understand.



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