Alexa Chung for Superga

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung by Kenguri featuring a gold cocktail dress

Even though the news that Alexa is going to be a new face of Italian footwear brand isn`t a fresh news, it inspired me to recreate Chung style combining it of course with cool Superga sneakers. 

For Superga, which was born in the Italian town of Turin in 1911, Chung was the obvious choice for its cenetenial celebration. “We are really excited to have Alexa be part of our story,” said Simon Bamber, CEO of GLinvest who owns the rights for the brand in the UK, “she is one of the most influential style icons of our time and a huge Superga fan. I think her effortless style and personality suits our collection and brand so well.”

They were a huge hit 20 years ago, so if your parents had them, don`t hesitate to kidnap them and show them to the world. Similar, but still different look from Converse all star, gave them lot of advantages. price range is still almost the same, maybe cheaper, which gives them the Plus in the time when all stars price is rising up every year.

Alexa fave pick is the pale pink color, but there are huge choice of colors that are perfect for any combination. Price is somewhere around $45.

My personal fave is beige, call me sentimental but that color can make any dress more romantic and every pants look more sophisticated.



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