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If you look into your wardrobe, probably the most formal dress that you will find will be a bridesmaid dress, if you were lucky enough to be a one, not mentioning the wedding dress. Unfortunately, that’s the top of the formal events you’ll be attending if you aren’t a star, but if you do have a chance even better for you. I am always glad when from time to time I find some affordable site with bridesmaid and wedding dresses. That’s the girly part that starts roaming along the pages and admiring the romantic layers and lace details. That’s the reason why I started writing about this topic, I have found one, Aislestyle with very affordable prices and that’s not the best part, the choice is huge, literally. I had the time, like I said I love looking this kind of sites, to pick my top dresses and I’m very happy to share it with you. I browsed through 2k dresses in all kind of shapes and colors and this is the result.

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Whether you have some event approaching or not, it’s always a great idea to have one of those for just in case. Or for wearing it from time to time in your home, like I do, for feeling like a princess (no matter how strange that sounds).



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