There’s no better way to explain some colors than to name them by the first thing that comes to your mind. There’s a special blue shade that reminds me of Cinderella’s dress and it immediately brings memories back of a happy and carefree childhood. Isn’t it a great color for a summer dress?

That’s why I felt so excited when I first saw it on the site Vipme. Didn’t take me to long to click buy button, because there’s a princess in each and every one of us, and I don’t care if there is no party or occasion where I could wear it. I enjoy gazing at it in my wardrobe, makes me smile. Maybe because I’m a hoarder, or I just love to see, like Carrie B. once said: ‚‚ My money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet‚‚.

Anyway, don’t miss a chance to get something from their site using this code ~ Marijana594 . That way you can get $5 off on orders over $50. Every cent counts, so don’t miss the opportunity. There is a great choice of beautiful dresses and your only job is to find an occasion to wear them.


Dress – Vipme
Shoes – OfficeShoes
Rings – H&M



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