Eclecticism with dominant elements of NeoRenaissance

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Manojlovic Mansion, Korzo 8, Subotica, Serbia.

Monument of Great importance built in 1881. by Titus Mackovic, one of the greatest architects in Subotica, for wealthy Manojlovic family.

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Manojlovic family came to Subotica from Greece in 18th century. They were very successful merchants, and by time they become one of the most wealthiest family there. Today, this mansion is open for visitors, at least this hall is, so don’t hesitate to check it out if you are close.

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The space is so peaceful and inspiring that it’s so easy to let go and go with it. You just start imaging the people who actually used those stairs back then, looking at the ceiling and wondering about simple things. Such a treasure to find this hidden place, because we all rush so much in our lifes, walking by wonderful and old buildings never looking deeply into them, and there’s so much to see, for those who want to.



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 Dress – Lovelyshoes

Shoes – Lovelyshoes

Coat – Sheinside

Ring – Sheinside





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