Monday Morning


Ne bih mnogo duzila, obzirom da se polako blizimo kraju jos jednog vikenda koji je prebrzo prosao i otpocinjanju jos jedne radne nedelje.

Upravo je zato tu jedna kombinacija koja je inspirisana Radnim ponedeljkom, a kako ponedeljak ne bi bio dosadan, obavezno ga obojite crvenom za srecu.

I dobrim cipelama, kao sto su ove klasicne Kitten koje idu uz sve i fantasticno stoje na nozi.

Srecno sutra!


Without no further due, I would like to say a few words about this fast ending weekend and beginning of a new working week.

This is the main reason I picked this combination for the Monday morning, and to add a little luck I picked something red.

And good shoes of course, like this classical Kitten model which look great on foot.

Good luck tomorrow!








Blouse – Choies

Shoes – Office Shoes

Bag – Ana Surdilovic

Skirt –




3 thoughts on “Monday Morning

    1. Thank you Patricia, glad that u like it!
      I love ypur profile picture on your blog, the red background so pops out.
      Just continue with blogging!

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