My Second Hand favorites

For quite of some time now, I wanted to write this post about the items I have found in thrift shops. Most of them are from the same one, good things don’t need to be changed. I was such a thriftier back then that I woke up every Monday in 7 o’clock and waited in line in front of the closed shop to come in with bunch of old ladies to shop. And it was very successful hobby for some time. My favorite Shop is British Textile in Subotica, 5 minutes from me. That’s why most of the brands  that I have found there are from Great Britain.

Those were the days, when you could find DKNY shirt for $5, Mulberry bag for $8, Vivienne Westwood shirt for $6 and the rest of the high labels at one place. Now that’s not the case, you can’t find those labels but you can always  find interesting pieces for affordable price, but that’s not my story for today, I will write about my favorite catches from the  Thrift shop.




I’ll start from the left upper row.

1st item is Baby Powder Cardigan from Mango  I found it in Thrift Shop in Kovin. I wore it so many time that I just love it so much I wasn’t sure whether to buy it when I saw it, because it was too expensive for the Thrift shop, but it was new and wonderful, so I had to.

2nd item are my Yellow sneakers from Atmosphere, found in Subotica. There were much cleaner when I bought them, but I wore them everywhere and the fatal drop for them was Manu Chao concert when drop of  Wine fell on them and made them dirty for eternity but they are still key piece for every occasion.

3rd one is my favorite bag also bought in Subotica, it’s from Miss Selfridge and it also was my companion for quite of some time.

4th and the most valuable item that I have found is Mulberry Alexa mini bag. I bought it for $10 and you know the true value, I still don’t know how I found her, it was pure luck and I’m grateful for it. I don’t wear her quite so often, bu when I do its with pride of a true hunter.

5th item or to be exact items are vintage sunglasses found at Jane Doe vintage shop in Belgrade and the book I found in Zagreb in Medica, lost in a corner with hundreds of other books so I had to save it.

And the last one is the Next blue sweater which I adore. I remember when I saw Maison Scotch Add in Elle Serbia with girl in wine red sweater with tinny white sprinkles, I was in love , so when I found the same on in blue color I had to buy it, even if it was  2 size bigger. Better bigger then smaller 🙂



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    1. Yeah, it’s unbelievable. My hands were trambling when I touched it, and I checked immediately is it fake. And it isn’t, all the labels on the right places. It will be featured in my next post, so check it out 🙂

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