Happy New Year!

Every December I go in Szeged, Hungary to buy some festive clothing for New Year’s Eve. For the third year in a row, I end up with buying  dress in Pull & Bear and shoes in Bershka. Obvious it became a thing.

Cluse watch and glittery dress

Important thing is that I never buy anything in Pull & Bear, I find it to be very not-my-style. But somehow, when it really counts, and you can’t find anything appropriate anywhere else, they never let you down. I guess the biggest problem about festive shopping is that you already have something specific in your mind, and obviously you can’t find it at the stores. The best obvious solution is to buy upfront. But that would include a whole lot of planning advance and who needs that. That’s why I love to rely on Pull & Bear in December. Happy New Year everyone!

Happy New Year 2018
New Years eve outfit
Sparkles with Cluse watch
Bershka ankle boots, champagne and New years eve.
Glitter Pull and Bear dress and Bershka ankle boots

Watch – Cluse

Dress – Pull & Bear

Ankle Boots – Bershka

Jewelry – H&M



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

    1. Me too Liv! I was in doubt between them and the glittery ones, but of course, that was in spur of the moment. Black always wins.

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