Novak Djokovic

Vamos Tamos!!!
Today, Novak is turning 24. So I made a set in that name 🙂 I used of course pictures from the newest American Vogue, which features Novak, of course.

The most beautiful part from the article in Vogue:
Djokovic really likes his job—the one he wanted when he was seven. He likes the medieval knight-errantry aspect of it, and the jousting, the derring-do. “Tennis players,” he says, “we’re always playing in center courts that feel like arenas. And when we get on the court and the crowd cheers your name or salutes you—it’s like you’re a gladiator in the arena. And everyone is cheering—and you’re fighting, you’re screaming, during your strokes—it feels like you’re an animal, fighting for your life.”

The entire article u can find here

But, I must say that the article in global is very annoying and a little bit offending if I may add, like a reader from Serbia. Ignorance isn`t the excuse for luck of information. That would be my tip for Vicki Woods.
Never the less, Novak dazzled the hole world, he become the invincible superstar, star of the Cannes red carpet with his better half and a birthday boy. All the best Nole, make us proud!  



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