Pajama Obsession

Since New Year I became an honest PJ fan for 2 reasons, I got one as a gift for Christmas and second I started spending my hole day in it, because it’s so comfy and beautiful. 2 in one, which is a true rarity in fashion trends nowadays.

To understand me better why I became a fan, I never used to wear a true PJ, I wore something like a T shirt and something from cotton down, but now I am in a viscose cloud and I’m loving it, one little step up for luxury. So this cloud made me look down there at the hole industry of nightwear as a very important aspect in fashion too, especially since many designers started this comfy trend on streets too. Maybe you haven’t seen this trend in your street (Moody neighbor in the morning doesn’t count) but it’s definitely hitting The streets. When you see Sofia, Ulyana, Jessica and Riri wearing it do you need a bigger sign. Of course not.


But not any kind of Pj, it is a Louis Vuitton  PJ that has a supremacy over all glam PJs of the world. Otherwise you risk yourself looking like Macklemore in the ,,Thrift shop,, video, but it’s not a bad way to start from. You’ll figure it out.

My PJ is from www.extreme which now has a great discounts so use them in time. One idea for it.

Pjs party
The Pj in the set is my actual gift, cool right?

Macklemore – Thrift Shop



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