Szeged landmarks and Petefi Sandor statue

If my counting skills haven’t failed me, every second jacket seen on the street is a parka. Parka was always a huge hit, but this year it exploded almost like bomber jackets this spring. And don’t get me started with parka jackets with colored fur trim, that’s a whole other story. This time I will speak about my love for parka jackets. It all start in my teens when my fathers old navy jacket caught my interest. I loved that jacket, even though I never had the courage to wear it outside. 10 years later with fur on the hood and wind in my hair, here we are. Courage is in style again.

Portrait with fur trim on hoodTommy Hilfiger ankle boots in camel


H&M green military Parka


Boots – Office Shoes (Tommy Hilfiger)

Parka – H&M

Bag – Mulberry (Vintage)

Sweater – H&M

Jeans – Zara



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