Railway Flowers


I had this certain combination in my head for weeks and we couldn’t shoot it before I got my new pair of shoes, so this post was basically delayed because of one simple black studded stilettos. Nothing else could replace them, i don’t wear high heels so I had to wait to receive this one to complete the look.

_MG_2945 copy


So we went outside for one joyful and so warm day that I was walking only in skirt with no tights. We had in mind railway station as the best background for this melancholic look and as we arrived there, we saw this old railway in grass and flowers, just beautiful! We had to stop there and use it. So we started, this photo, look there, do this, walk there, stand straight and as we were in the middle of the job I saw one of the Railway employees coming forward to us. I knew that he will kick us out, I was just surprised that in this country with no rules on Daily level we had to be the lucky ones who will be kicked for breaking the law. We didn’t ask for permission for shooting there, which I agree we didn’t and I’m somehow glad that there are still some rules in this country that need to be followed and maybe this is a good sign, something is changing. I’m only mad because we couldn’t finish it, that’s why we have lack of some detail photos and close ups, but good news People of Serbia There are rules to follow and you must obey them! Black humor of course.



_MG_2901 copy


Blouse – Choies

Midi Skirt – SheInside

Shoes – Lovelyshoes

Sunglasses – Jane Doe vintage shop Belgrade



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