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Ok, from now on, here I will explain a little bit more, sets that I`m posting on polyvore, where did my inspiration come and how do I look for appropriate pieces for the set. Of course, I will maintain to continue with number of different stories and thoughts, but my primary goal will be these guides for other polivorians or lovers of fashion.
I will start this session with my best piece. Criteria that I will use for measuring the best are number of views. I appreciate that part the most.

Here I found the inspiration in the photo, I rarely love to copy styling from the photo into my sets, but this one was my exception, and clearly the successful one. Beautiful Natalia Vodianova here made a editorial for Etam S/S 2011. All my pictures are from so that was the place where I found this photo too. So the story was quite simple, I found the most similar pieces in the poly base and imported them into the set. I had luck with finding the right skirt, because she is the main key, she is only connecting the picture with my set. I improvised with bag, shoes and accessories. Floral bag was obvious decision, because of the print, it gave more vibrant view. Because of the bag, I used simple black flat boots to correspond with that retro look. Owl necklace was very big trend and still is, so any piece with it is a bingo. All pieces are very affordable except leather jacket,belt and bag. I always use some expensive pieces. They are giving that luxury dose, but in this set I wanted the identical jacket, so the price wasn`t crucial, same thing with belt. Bag just bagged to be in this set, so I had to use it. I added flowers identical with sets, little fonts and yellow to break the monotony of flowers and the frame to round up everything.
The reason why set is Untitled is because it wasn`t inspired with any song. I always use some line from song to be a title. I love to find inspiration in songs and to make a good costume for that song. Here that wasn`t the reason, the reason was, as I said picture and beautiful new Etam line.



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