Purple Rain

Whether you like it or not, ruffled sleeve tops are here to stay. Check out the garment choice at any shop and you will realize that ruffled ones make most of it.
How to style Ruffled sleeve top?

Master the greatest fashion trend in 2017, wear ruffles.

There is a thin line between looking like a stunt for a Toreador movie in Spain and looking chic. Don’t know if I succeed there, but it looks more as a business casual movie for me, then as a Pedro sidekick. Just keep it clean and control the ruffled sleeves with straight lines. Color is also a big factor, avoid bright colors, save them for Summer. The rest is on you and your emotions.

Bows in hair always looks effortless and classic. Leather jacket always save the day. How to style ruffle sleeve top without looking funny?Ruffled sleeve sweatshirt from H&M Trend


Sweatshirt, Pants & Bag – H&M

Necklace – Choies



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