Spring Camouflage

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This post wasn’t actually inspired by either Spring or camouflage. It was inspired by something else but it combined great with those two. True inspiration was blue leopard printed dress with lace. I was thinking for days with what to pair it, I have coats in simple colors and shapes and none of them suited well with this dress. I was devastated, whether I shall wait for true warm Spring and take pictures in it without coat or I should manage something. And I managed my boyfriend military jacket and it was even better solution than all the coats of the world. Military print with leopard print and simple accessories, spiked necklace and Voala.

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We had this location on mind for a some time, but when we were on a way to there, we realized that Spring came slowly into our neighborhoods. Trees started blooming and bees flying. true working atmosphere out there, just take time and enjoy it, cause it will go by very fast. My favorite part of the year, great things will start happening that’s for sure, my friends will become parents of little girl called Masha any day now, so I would like to congratulate them this way too and  to wish them Happiness! Bike world will be richer for 2 more wheels in no time so prepare world.

Till next time..



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Dress – Sheinside

Jacket – Property of my boyfriend

Necklace – Maxnina

Sunglasses – Romwe

Shoes – Safran




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