Striped skirt, denim jacket and tulle mesh skirt

Spring in layers

Spring in bloom

Spring layers and it’s curious ways.

Since I’m moving out in less then a week, I wanted to capture the yard of the current house I’m living in, in its full glory. There is that one special week in April, when everything blooms over night, and if you are not careful enough, you can easily miss it. It is the most fascinating week in a year. And of course in that very same week, all the flowers will start falling down, leaving a romantic sight on the grass. And what a sight that is. After that magical week, Summer already sneaks in, and you start anxiously twirling around the house in your summerish clothing. Until that right temperature comes, I found a perfect compromise with this tulle skirt. Perfect way to have the both summerish feeling and layered clothing for Spring weather.

Fashion week in Subotica, streetstyle outfit for spring

Vans old school sneakers outfit streetstyle
How to wear tulle skirt in Spring
Deim Vipshop jacket with patches on back
Striped skirt, denim jacket and tulle mesh skirt

Denim jacket – VipShop

T-shirt, Pants, Skirt, Bag, Sunglasses – H&M

Snekers – Vans (Office Shoes)



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