Those Rainy Days


After spending all day in my PJ I realized that it’s already 21st February. Nothing special about that particular date. The power of the 21st in month is only in Serbia, it’s the date when new Elle comes out. No matter how cold or rainy or horrible is out there, that is the occasion for walking your shoes straight to the newspaper stand. As I tried to find appropriate umbrella I realized that I don’t have it. If you want to be stylish, you need to have one in black, one crazy colorful and one of those see through, those are awesome, but no time to cry about that, The Elle is calling, so I grab first things from my closet and run outside into the Grey rainy day. And I succeeded, you can see my voyage here.









Coat – Persunmall

Striped Shirt – Choies

Jeans – New Yorker

Scarf – Persunmall

Dope beanie – Choies

Boots – Gift from sister Tijana



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