Vintage, McQueen samurai dress, Devon Aoki, Vogue Nippon

My second best set is inspired with Devon Aoki editorial for Vogue Nippon 2009, which was in a Brown mood (That was the title of the editorial). So, I automatically played the song Brown eyed girl by Van Morrison and the set started to appear. Because she is wearing only black dresses in the editorials, I decided to match the pictures by using black dress to, but I also wanted to maintain that Japan look, by adding fabulous samurai dress by McQueen. I had a good base, so I decided to play with the brown details. I choose Big cream coat, with straight lines, no details to match with the samurai mood, but that left me space to use absolutely cool Elizabeth and James Lang lace up boots and Jimmy Choo leopard print clutch. Everything looked so good together, but it was still empty somehow, especially the coat, so I added the brooch, my favorite accessory. It`s easy to use and it gives a complete new dimension, it can give a goofy look instantly and it can make a glamorous finish, if u use it carefully. I added vintage earrings, because brooch is on the coat, so that left 0 details on the person after she take it off. I added some quite branches in brown red colors and composition was done.



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