What to wear for birthday party?

Always a dilemma, I spend 3 hours in my closet, half a day in my minds packing the outfit, and always it turns out that the party ends up faster then the time I spent picking the right combination. So the main conclusion is, Do Not worry about that, I had always great time when I was too casual. So decision is yours, I will only help u with this hints made by talented Polyvore citizens 🙂

Olivia Wilde 3 PORTRAITS No 6

Konstantina is my first pick today, why, I will explain why if u dont see it at first! At birthday u want to be cool and chic. Best way to do that is by using an ordinary item and making from it classy combination, So u get that cool and edge look. Thats all. K used here shorts, but not any kind of shorts, she used lace white shorts. Perfect to start with, so u expect now something dreamy and boring, but no. K is using now wild print blouse which dominates the whole combo, thats the way to step out from the line. Adding lady pink coat with extraordinary design u have a brave person. Stiletto in fuchsia to match and to contrast and wonderful necklace to finish the deal. And the very best for the end. D&G fabulous new collection bag in green with pink detail. Absolutely thoughtful. Using Olivia Wild as an inspiration or as muse u definitely cant go wrong. And if u ask me, does this reminds u on something, I must say yes. Hard candy, thats my first thought. Interesting movie, which title suits this combo perfectly. <br><div><a href="http://www.polyvore.com/its_just_high_cost_loving/set?.embedder=1472139&.mid=embed&id=35601239"><img alt="It's just the high cost of loving." border="0" height="400" src="http://embed.polyvoreimg.com/cgi/img-set/cid/35601239/id/cg43uJvG4BGpyk431JdLFQ/size/e.jpg" title="It's just the high cost of loving." width="400"></a></div>
<br><div><small><a href="http://www.polyvore.com/its_just_high_cost_loving/set?.embedder=1472139&.mid=embed&id=35601239">It's just the high cost of loving.</a> by <a href="http://anita-n.polyvore.com/?.embedder=1472139&.mid=embed">anita-n</a> featuring <a href="http://www.polyvore.com/summer_jewelry/shop?query=summer+jewelry">summer jewelry</a></small></div>So, my first pick for a B party was little crazy and unique, my second choice is pure classic named Anita-n. Red&Gold. There are some colors that were born together, they are meant to walk with each other, such as black and white, grey and yellow, pastels with pastels, but using Red and gold is just breathtaking and erotic very often!! Anita used wonderful passion red body con dress. Accent is on color and the little details. Not in decolletage, I
m bored with amount of skin that is shown this days. 0 % of nakedness is the new tabu 😀 So, elegant red dress combined with gold jewelery, necklace and interesting rings. My favorite Bottega Veneta knot Clutch in gold and divine Christian Louboutin sandals. Short Burberry coat in rock chic and u have a winner. The only thing thats missing is champagne and the party can start!! <br><div><a href="http://www.polyvore.com/you_dont_always_have_to/set?.embedder=1472139&.mid=embed&id=36348922"><img alt="You don't always have to be super nice, that way you know who can accept you at your worst!" border="0" height="400" src="http://embed.polyvoreimg.com/cgi/img-set/cid/36348922/id/itA_BHbS4BGcoQElxUNx2g/size/e.jpg" title="You don't always have to be super nice, that way you know who can accept you at your worst!" width="400"></a></div>
<br><div><small><a href="http://www.polyvore.com/you_dont_always_have_to/set?.embedder=1472139&.mid=embed&id=36348922">You don't always have to be super nice, that way you know who can accept you at your worst!</a> by <a href="http://leannesugarplum.polyvore.com/?.embedder=1472139&.mid=embed">leannesugarplum</a> featuring <a href="http://www.polyvore.com/stretch_jewelry/shop?query=stretch+jewelry">stretch jewelry</a></small></div>And of course casual decision must include leannesugarplum advice. It must be made from stripes, blazer and skirt. L started with striped top which I don
t have to say any more is an ultimate must this year. Now, if u have a black blazer and blazer in some strong and fierce color buy yourself a white one, cause this is the new rule of the game called fashion. Beautiful peach skirt that`s saying awwwwww, wear me!! Big bag is an important key if u are wearing gift or drink, or gifts and drinks together, so use the black one to contrast the blazer. Owl details or any animal kind of details is sign that u love animals and that u read fashion magazines from time to time 🙂 But u are not a fashion slave! And all that with some crazy sandals in some light color to match the composition. Finally, watch, u should definitely wear watch, because time will fly for u miss Roof Raiser!And when the party ends, u should think what will you wear tomorrow when the college starts.Till then Partyyyyy!!!



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