What to wear for the beach?

This contest had a numerous splendid ideas and I tried to choose the most stylish and practical ones. So without no further due here are the winners.

There's Something About Miranda Kerr

misssophie Won the first place with her Miranda Kerr inspiration for the beach outfit. Leopard print, thats what shes suggesting and I thought that, thats always a great idea. U cant go wrong with a leopard swim suit and if it is a one part suit even better. It brings some glamor dose to the hole picture. Caftan is also a huge part of the story, cause they are very very popular this year and they must not be forgotten in your vacation bags. Simple black caftan to match the wild leopard suit. Fantastic D&G tote in leopard print speaks for herself, shes a Lady!! Peacock details, great idea with almost everything. Here it is just bold and it works as a belt. Simple flats are not to be forgotten because they have so feminine silk stripes, gold jewelery and a Xl sunglasses and ull be a beach queen!

It's all about F A S H I O N.

Second place went to anita-n with her sea diving kinda of set. She used peacock dress, as I said that peacock print is a must and as a dominant print works like leopard print fierce and trendy! Beautiful green bikini which color really mesmerize me. Sandals to go with all of this are must and this one used here are very interesting, they have heel but they are simple beach kind of, like espadrilles.Cream XXL bag imperative of the few past seasons must be with u on the beach where it belongs.Floppy sun hat, should I say anything about it? Its my personal pick for this season. Really makes u look like a diva in Saint Trope. Round sunglasses, my second fave pick, but I have round face so it doesnt fit me, so Ill just worship it on other peoples faces. Scarf, why not? Bring it with yourself. maybe ull need it. An a jewelery to spice up all combination…

My angel in Prada, Emilio Pucci and others...

Prada, Pucci and Gucci won my heart this season with their creativity. Crazy, colorful and FUN and that is the essence of a story I think. pappilon won third place with her set that is kinda of homage to this fashion houses. Pucci silk tunic in white with that blue print makes u go crazy. White simple high wasted shorts remembers us what was the fashion ultimatum past season. Green bag just to pop up the hole whiteness and to match that blue print. Prada ~top~ with same print as pucci on white background, fabulous!! And of course u don`t need any shoes, u are on the beach!! So clean and fab.
So There are Ideas u just have to use them on your own and use this little of the summer why it last, because autumn is near!!



One thought on “What to wear for the beach?

  1. Thanks soooooo much, honey!!!! I love your blog, it’s incredibly interesting, inovative and just woooow… I’m glad u like my set, thanks for the 3rd place… So, I’m like very honored to be presented in your blog, it’s divine!!! Lots of love, kisses and hugs!!!

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